bxblue is a fintech with a mission to help people have access to the cheapest personal credit in Brazil. We were invested by big names in the national and international scene. We were accelerated by Y Combinator, an accelerator responsible for companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Heroku, Docker, and Twitch.

We were honored to be selected by Banco do Brasil to co-create together Brazil's first Loan API. We were on the list of 100 Startups to keep an eye on in 2019.

Since then, we have not stopped growing. Today we are our Head of Growth who will take our marketing acquisition channels to the next level!

bxblue has been working with remote work for years and this position would be no different. You can work from wherever you want, remotely.


  • Lead our direct-response user acquisition teams, managing our paid media, CRM, SEO, and web conversion efforts, also deciding our digital media investments allocation;
  • Set up user acquisition channels: acquire customers across geographies and create predictable and scalable inbound channels for bxblue. You'll need to set up new initiatives quickly, test and iterate, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Set and report team goals and budgets: together with our CMO and your direct reports, you will regularly review our ideal customer profile and optimize our marketing channels to optimize your KPIs like CAC and retention.
  • Cross-coordinate among other company teams all user acquisition and retention efforts.


  • Solid experience in leading marketing positions in tech companies;
  • Strong knowledge in data analysis for business decision-making;
  • Demonstrated strong team-building and management skills.


  • Flex Caju benefit - food, meal, mobility, culture, etc
  • Healthcare and dental care insurance SulAmérica
  • Home office voucher for help with your costs
  • CNA Go: flexible English course with CNA methodology
  • Free Sessions on Zenklub
  • Family leave with benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Several integration rituals to be close even far away

Why join bx now

  • Opportunity to build the result in a fast-growing startup, with global and local investors.
  • Culture and rituals that leverage their development and encourage incredible coexistence over time, even if at a distance;
  • Learn and work daily with professionals who are a reference in the market;
  • Living in a culture with the strength of diversity and inclusion.