Experience a whole new approach to work

Our purpose is to make people work smarter and more efficiently. We do this primarily through our document automation and workflow software.

Legal matters are everywhere and we believe that everyone's relationship with lawyers, contracts and agreements should be lighter and more fluid. Together, we're transforming the legal role in organizations, helping them to avoid rework and to stop wasting information.

Our product is innovative and our journey is marked by challenges of all types and sizes. We have a lot to build. every day we wake up motivated to redesign the concept of work and eliminate the red tape in the work environment.

We're based in São Paulo, Brazil, in one of the most vibrant and exciting hubs of innovation of the country, CUBO, sharing this amazing space with 200 other fast-growing startups.

We're backed by Redpoint eventures, Valor Capital Group and 500Startups.


"Our team is very close and warm. building relationships is something natural that starts in our work routine and expands to the way we deal with our clients."

mariana -  product

"Comfort zone doesn't exist.
​being the protagonist of new ideas is part of our culture."

leon - customer experience

"We don't create barriers to communicate and this makes it much easier to put new ideas into practice."

lucas - customer experience