Experience a whole new approach to work

Our mission is to enable people to focus on smart, stimulating work. Through technology we empower our customers to stop wasting time on mindless tasks, allowing them to apply themselves on strategic work, or even their personal lives.

Alongside our customers we're transforming the legal role in organizations, helping them to deal with contracts in a smarter, less time-consuming way. We wish to live in a world where agreeing is so effortless and information is so well structured that paper-based documents are unnecessary.

Our journey is based on trust, transparency and empowerment.

Even though we don't always get it right, we do our best to structure it in a way that our personal lives are as important as our professional ones. Our goal here is to create something we are proud of, while living in a way we are happy with.​

We're based in São Paulo, Brazil, in one of the most vibrant and exciting hubs of innovation of the country, CUBO, sharing this amazing space with 200 other fast-growing startups.

We're backed by Redpoint eventures, Valor Capital Group and 500Startups.