SUPERVISOR DE ELETRICA / Electrical Supervisor

Offshore - BRASIL /

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We are looking for professional to work as Electrical Supervisor in an Offshore opportunity.

To develop activities such as:

  • Ability to perform the duties of Electrical Supervisor (RPE) as a Safety Critical Task;
  • Carry out any additional tasks assigned by the Maintenance Superintendent;
  • Co-operate with the OIM and other departments;
  • Ensure proper handovers during shift change;
  • Ensure that Modec Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy is clearly understood for all E&I department as well as the HSEQ MS Roles and Responsibilities;
  • Always perform any inspection activity and electrical maintenance with permission to work (PTW). Only perform activities according to the voltage level (Low Voltage and High Voltage) that is authorized to work, as described in his letter of authorization to work with electricity, signed and filed in the Handbook of Electrical Installations (PIE) NR-10 the unit;
  • Ensure the Permit to Work (PTW) system is adhered to and that all isolations to Electrical devices and machinery are in compliance with the MODEC Isolation Philosophy and Electrical Safety Rules as a Safety Critical Task.
  • Ensure the safe and efficient functioning of emergency plant, equipment and machinery. Manage the maintenance and records of safety critical elements;
  • Knowledge of the MODEC Maintenance Philosophy, AMOS maintenance system, Safety Critical Elements (SCEs), and the Combined written scheme for examination and verification of SCEs.
  • Perform regular rounds on the facility checking all the electrical equipments and components and report any perceived defect;
  • Responsible for all electrical activities of the plant and for the safety work practice in Electricity on the facility;
  • Legal Habilitated Professional Responsible to control all documents required as per NR-10 and maintain the NR-10 dossier onboard updated;
  • Responsible to ensure all workers which intervene in the electrical equipment (Electrical Technicians, Electrical Supervisors, Instrument Technicians, Metering Technicians, System Technicians and Instrument Supervisors, third partners) onboard have all trainings legally required (NR10 Training and Atmosphere Explosive Training), documents required (valid CREA for Legal Habilitated Professionals or Capacitation Letter for special cases endorsed by RPE, Graduation Certificate and Authorization Letters) and identification at work site (Orange Special Coveralls and ID Cards).
  • Responsible to ensure all PPE related to the electrical activities (collective and individual) are up to date and in compliance with norms (CA);
  • Responsible to ensure all crew authorized to work in High Voltage is trained and tested at least yearly on maneuvering HV Systems and ‘Black Startup Procedures’. Nominee in letter to the Habilitated Professional Onshore (PLH)  and updated on NR10 dossier successors in order which will operate the plant in emergency cases where the RPE cannot perform his duties due to injuries, sickness, vacation or absence times (embark/disembark);
  • Responsible to participate in the evaluation of all risks working in Electricity and elaborate Task Risk Assessments for each activity;
  • Responsible to evaluate the one-line diagrams finding other alternatives paths to reestablish the energy on the facility;
  • Responsible to issue work orders to perform maintenance and all other activities in Electricity;
  • Responsible to maintain all electrical motors of the facility;
  • Responsible to operate and maintain (electrical wise) the Gas Turbines Generators and Diesel Generators (Emergency and Essential);
  • Responsible to perform thermograph analysis and grounding inspection in all electrical equipment’s, panels, etc. on the facility;
  • Responsible to prepare/improve black-out procedures and reestablish the electrical generation and distribution on the facility in case of black-outs;
  • Responsible to supervise and carry out maintenance activities so as to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of all electrical plant and machinery;
  • Responsible to troubleshoot Medium voltage Protection Relays issues and report any anomaly to Maintenance Supt when required;
  • Supervise and carry out maintenance, repair and inspection routine activities of all electric devices in accordance with the Planned Maintenance System;
  • Thorough knowledge of the Electricity work Regulations like NR-10 and the IEE wiring regulation;
  • Thorough understanding of electrical systems, and of inspection and maintenance routines for electrical plant and equipment;
  • Understand the electrical load of the facility, the power generation required for each scenario and monitor the power factor and quality of the loads;
  • Understanding of production and marine systems, including the principles of all hydrocarbon systems and their safety critical interfaces and dependencies.



  • Mandatory Technical Degree
  • Expected Bachelor Degree
  • Active CFT/ CREA
  • Advanced English
  • Leadership skill

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