We are a company of Japanese origin that has been operating in China since 2008. 

MODEC  began as Mitsui Ocean Development & Engineering Company in Tokyo, Japan and has since delivered and operated innovative floating production solutions (FPSO, FSO, TLP, Semi-CP, FSRU, FSR-WP) for the offshore oil and gas industry. We have a combined fleet experience of over 200 years at over 30 worldwide locations. We are the largest independent FPSO operator in the world and we want to go further to provide the best technologies and solutions for our clients.

In 2002, MODEC built the first FSO in China, creating a new era for FPSO in China. By 2018, nine FPSOs and 3 new FSOs had been converted / built. Now in 2020, we have five FPSOs are converting in China at same time. High frequency bid winning is the best verification of MODEC's world-class management ability. Our project has provided opportunities for China's first-class FPSO converted shipyards, trained a large number of marine engineers, provided working places for tens of thousands of workers, and made contributions to the development of China's marine engineering.

Potential for Growth

Working at MODEC is taking part in a global, connected company in continuous growth. We are the world leaders in building and operating floating systems for oil and gas exploration and production.

We have more than 50 years of experience working on five continents, offering the best technology and service solutions for the offshore industry.

Being part of MODEC means being the protagonist of a challenging career and being in touch with the latest deep-water production systems, knowing that your career begins in China, but your talent can take you anywhere in the world.

Join MODEC and witness the future of the FPSO industry with us!

Mariko Ishikawa -- General Manager, China


I joined MODEC in 2002. From the start I had the opportunity to participate with the construction of FPSOs.  I was part of the first FSO Pathumabaha and many others including join venture projects and the start-up of new FPSOs and FSOs building in China.  These tremendous experiences have allowed me to increase my competencies and grow professionally and personally as an engineer, manager, and female in a dominated male industry.  MODEC has always provided opportunities for all and valued our contribution!

When MODEC set up a subsidiary in China in 2008, I was honored to be a participant of the FPSO conversion in Dalian. Since then we have successfully converted over 9 FPSOs, proving our leading technical ability and our first-class project management ability each time.

Join MODEC and witness the future of the FPSO industry with us!

Mariko Ishikawa -- General Manager, China

Work is important, life is more important. Work is not only for salary, but also for experience and growth. I hope that we can smile a little more, make fewer excuses and be more efficient in our work, and strive to realize our own value; be positive and optimistic about life, and know how to cherish and be grateful.

Mr. Jeff Dong - Financial

At MOES, you will be able to:

  • Broaden vision: cooperate / interact with more than 2500 excellent employees from more than 25 countries around the world to understand the latest trends and knowledge sharing of the industry;
  • Continuous learning: rich and perfect learning platforms and training opportunities, and constantly improve their competitiveness;
  • Life balance: obtain competitive welfare remuneration, paid leave, etc.

If you are looking for the career opportunities of the world-class platform and are eager for innovative and challenging work, if you agree with our "serious innovation and excellence", we sincerely welcome you to join us.

Ms. YY Zhao - Human Resources

How far a person can go depends on who he goes with; how good a person is depends on who he points out. Ask not what the company has done for you, but what you have done for the company, what kind of value you can create for the company, and what kind of return the company will give you.

Ms. Vivian Chen - Visa and Admin

We are in the golden age of the company's development. We have a good office environment, a harmonious atmosphere of colleagues, rich group building activities. Welcome to join us. Let's do our best to learn and progress together and forge ahead together on the road of work and life.

Mr. Hatch He - Visa and Admin