HR Administration & Payroll Analyst

Onshore - Dakar / SG - SG

We are looking for professional to work in our office based in Dakar - Senegal

To develop activities such as:

  1. Ensuring the correct payment of employees’ salary through the launch of the events of earnings and discounts, which will be processed by the payroll system, monthly.
  2.  Analyze the launches imported into the payroll system to ensure the accuracy of overtime, folds and compensated days off and any other events due to employees 
  3. Correctly calculate vacations and terminations through the payroll system, whenever requested and approved.
  4. Support the Implementation of new legal requirements whenever there are changes in labor legislation by monitoring governmental definitions adapting the processes in the area
  5. Make sure the entries and records made in the payroll system are correct before closing the payroll process.
  6. Ensure that all payments/interfaces/journal entries are executed appropriately and in a timely manner.
  7. Manage the payroll and declarations relating to social charges and contributions to the various organizations (IPRES – CSS – Tax authority).
  8. Maintain personnel files of the employees and employee records in the internal HR system (HRGPS).
  9. Preparing and amending where necessary HR documents, i.e. employment contracts and recruitment guides
  10. Forming and maintaining employee records and update databases internally, such as sick, maternity leave and Paid Time Off (PTO) requests.
  11. Support HR Manager in the creation of PR and PO for the department
  12. Request and follow the vendor vetting process, when necessary
  13. support expat coming to the country, if necessary
  14. Monitoring the transition from one contract to another with preparation of amendments.  


Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s degree in HR Management/ Administration or in a related field strongly preferred.

Relevant Experience: 

3-5 years’ experience in HR administration and payroll applying a knowledge of principles and practices of human resources management.  


Fluent French, English and needed local languages.  

Deadline for Applications: 15 October 2021

Being part of Modec means being the PROTAGONIST of a CHALLENGING career and being in touch with the latest deep-water production systems, knowing that your career begins in SENEGAL, but your talent can take you anywhere in the WORLD. - If you want to be one of the greatest in the market, this is your opportunity!! - As a MULTICULTURAL company that respects DIVERSITY, we encourage PWD application in our process.

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