SOFEC is a world renowned mooring specialist company founded in 1972 with the idea of providing the offshore industry with first class mooring systems.   A MODEC Group Company, SOFEC is located in the energy corridor of Houston, Texas, and is a leader in the development and supply of Single-Point Mooring (SPM) systems, and is engaged in research involving new and improved tanker mooring systems and associated components.  Home to employees from all around the world, we have created a dynamic team working together toward a common goal.  We welcome you to explore and learn more about our various disciplines and current openings. 

MODEC Group has grown a worldwide network of 2,500 employees from more than 25 countries working in strategic locations around the world to serve the offshore oil and gas industry.  MODEC provides unique global services that specialize in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of floating production systems. MODEC also provides floating production system operations and maintenance, safely and efficiently around the globe.

Join us and help create the future of mooring systems. 

SOFEC's Values

SOFEC serves the offshore energy industry around the world, which offers you diverse opportunities for continued growth. You’ll work with colleagues around the world, you’ll travel, and you might even work in another country.   Our values and vision unite our experts to deliver innovative and reliable mooring and fluid transfer systems to our clients while protecting our neighbors and the environment. 

Open communication, collaboration, and diversity contribute to the positive work environment, with a focus on continual process improvement as the company adapts to the ever-evolving needs of a dynamic global offshore energy industry.  Our managers come from diverse technical backgrounds from Project Management, Business Adfministration and Engineering.  SOFEC offers hands-on training, with experts from across our engineering disciplines.


"I have been a mooring engineer at SOFEC for over two years now. In March of 2018, I was offshore Malaysia as the mooring engineer for the Petronas FLNG 1 relocation project. The Houston team worked 24 hours a day to provide instant feedback and QA support and to ensure the job was completed efficiently, safely, and successfully. I am forever thankful for my team’s support during my offshore ventures as an engineering representative."

- Chase, Engineering

“The specialized nature of the projects at SOFEC provide fresh challenges on a daily basis. This coupled with the professionalism and enthusiasm of fellow team members and the sense of being part of the Sofec family provides endless opportunities to recognize ones true potential."

- Mike, Design

“The culture and team dynamics are truly unique at SOFEC.  Not only do they recognize the value of their employees, but they also support growth both professionally and personally through challenging project work and collaboration.  SOFEC has given me the opportunity to develop my engineering career in an environment that feels like more than just a workplace.”

- Jordan, Engineering

"Coming to SOFEC has been a breath of fresh air.  My previous employer was so bogged down in bureaucratic red tape that it was almost impossible to take ownership of anything.  SOFEC is a place where experts can still come in a make a difference."

- Brian, Engineering