The leader in online food delivery in Latin America - is one of the most innovative foodtech companies in the world, with 6.2 million monthly orders. The company of Brazilian origin is also present in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. It acts together with partners with initiatives that bring together restaurant management solutions and business intelligence.


Building the best online grocery shopping experience in LATAM. The platform allows users to shop from the main grocery stores in their city and have their order delivered within 1-hour or at the time and day of their choice. Mercadoni has had explosive growth with a profitable and sustainable business model.

Zoop offers an open platform for payments and financial services. They are a financial technology company focused on enabling other companies to develop their own payment solutions and financial services. Their technologies are flexible modules that allow any business to receive, process and manage payments. For more information about Zoop


Founded in 2012 Sympla apply technology to transform the management of events and the tickets purchased in a simpler and more efficient process. Nowadays is the number one in sales of tickets in Brazil, leader in DIY, crossed the mark of 1 million tickets sold per month.


Wavy brings together content operations, messaging and mobile carrier businesses. As a local leader in cloud messaging platforms in Latin America, Wavy sends more than  7 billion business messages per year, has over 100 million active users and 400 content partner companies.


The biggest global education platform that offers content and activities for children learn playing. With more than 5 millions monthly activated users, since the launched, in 2013, the PlayKids achieved families in more than 100 countries.


Rapiddo is a company 100% brazilian that make easier the live of people bringing together the main services of the day to day in a single application. The app already has food delivery services, news, coupons, music and taxis.


Maplink is a leader in geolocation and logistics solutions in Latin America, optimizing business management for thousands of companies through resources and geolocation intelligence and logistics.

A tech company that offers music streaming for B2C clients and musical solutions for commercial partners and the music industry.

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We want be your partner at this moment and because of that we pick-up some contents created of the people that work here to help you to understand a little more our business, culture and how we are building big cases.


Working at Movile we have the certainty that each day you will be a different person, a better person. The company changes and evolves constantly, always aiming at our big dream, making lives better for 1 billion people. I am very motivated to know that our work is part of a great story that is being built today.

Matheus Fonseca
Employer Branding at Movile

Working at iFood is incredible, here we get a new knowledge every single day, it is a company where I have the opportunity to grow. Sometimes all happens at a high speed, giving a fast learning.  I love to work here, feeling that I do what I like most in the best place that I should be.

Ana Alves
Controller at iFood

Challenge is the word that follows me since my first day at PlayKids. However it is not only being challenged which makes this environment unique, it is that these challenges propel you to be the very best version of yourself you can be. It is an innovative and creative environment that allows you to be who you really are and it gives wings to your imagination.

Luiz Fittipaldi
Content and Partnerships at PlayKids

What I most like about Wavy is that we are always working as a team here; we have a sense of ownership and a focus on results. Knowing that we impact the lives of millions of people is very motivating, especially when it happens through technology.

Fernanda Eleotério
Technology at Wavy