Our Challenge

At Pismo, we challenge ourselves every day to stay out of the comfort zone and create truly disruptive solutions together.


To unleash the new era of payments.


To be the most reliable, innovative and complete infrastructure for payments in the world.


Total Trust

State of the Art Technology

Minimum Friction Experience

Challenge the Status Quo

What we offer to you

Our People Team works daily focused on creating a healthy, comfortable and encouraging environment for everyone. The benefits we offer are just reflections of how much we care about each person who decides to join the adventure of building payments with us. Here, we believe that happy people innovate more.

What our employees say about us?

I am happy to be in a place where we are daily encouraged to innovate. Sometimes, technology leads people to build more of what has already been done, as a way to feel part of a trend, a special wave. Here, we are challenged to keep our heads out of the water and think about the future - and this is incredible!

Cacau Azevedo - Team Design

I am 2 months at Pismo, I started a routine 100% remote. I participated in a mega onboarding, very close, receptive, with training and overview. In addition to receiving all the necessary equipment in first hand and with agility. I see many good changes being implemented quickly and I've already starred in some of them. The days are light and productive! I can say that I'm at home! 

Caique Constant - Team Security

The Recruitment Process

We believe that the selection process is one of the main stages of your experience as a candidate. It is the moment that we will meet and many feelings will arise from both sides, such as expectations and anxieties. For this reason, we have a defined and organized selection flow, so that you clearly understand the macro steps of our process.

Profile Analysis

​(Recruiters and Managers)

Technical Challenge

This process may vary according to the vacancy. We guarantee a return to all candidates.


I applied for a position, what are the next steps?
Now, you must wait. Let's look at your profile. We will contact you if it makes sense for the position.

Who will have access to my data after applying?
Your data is safe on our platform, only the HR team and the hiring manager have access. We treat all your data in a sensitive and confidential manner.

If I don't have the profile for the vacancy, will I receive feedback?
We will send you a feedback message however, due to the volume of applications, it may not be possible to give you personalized feedback.

I have all the requirements, but I was not called for an interview. Why?
We received a large number of applications, sometimes we were unable to interview everyone. But we revisit the profiles whenever new vacancies arise.

I haven't found a job that interests me, but I want to register my resume. How do I do?
Access this page. We will direct you to our talent bank.

Are there open spaces for the disabled?
We value diversity. Here you are welcome in all places, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or disability.

How is the best way to find out about new vacancies?
Our careers page is always up to date, but you can follow the vacancies and content through our social media (Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook).

I live outside São Paulo, can I apply?
Yes, we have employees from different regions of Brazil and world, working remotely.

Where is the office located?
We have an office in the South Zone of São Paulo, in the Vila Olímpia neighborhood.