Suzano is the place for opportunity.

Opportunity to work with challenging professionals and projects.
Opportunity to solve global-scale problems.
Meeting new places and new cultures.

Opportunity to have a close relationship with our leaders on a daily basis.

Opportunity to evolve.
Because here, our strengths will also be yours.

Sustainability, innovation and entrepreneur culture will be part of your routine.

We are building a new company, and looking for excellent people to help us in this journey. People who are ready to work hard and make a difference.

Suzano MBA Program. For those who dare to evolve with us.

The Suzano MBA Program is a 9 – 12 weeks program that provides the opportunity to drive change within the company. By the end of the program, the results will be presented directly to our C-level.

Mentoring Sessions

Individual mentoring in accordance to your experience and context within Suzano.

C-Level Meetings

At least three individual meetings with Suzano’s top-tier executives, including Walter Schalka (CEO).

Development Management

Feedback sessions, mid-term assessments and a final project presentation to our C-level and CEO


Suzano MBA Program is a great opportunity to experience the day-to-day of a national giant. The environment is extremely challenging, and it's a continuous learning to participate and be so close to the company's decision-making.

Elizabeth Shie
Summer MBA 2017 / Finances Consultant III
Alumni MBA London Business School

The combination of an extremely well-prepared and united team makes the experience of working at Suzano Pulp and Paper both challenging and welcoming, demonstrating our strong-and-kind way of being.
The grit and passion of every employee show how much the entrepreneurial spirit of the company is still being cultivated.
In the Summer MBA Development Program I could have a close contact with the company’s top managers, and I realized how an non-hierarchy culture stimulate an agile and efficient decision-making model leading the company to achieve such strong results.

Luiz Otavio Fonseca
Summer MBA 2018
MBA London Business School